Honeycomb Montessori is a parent-run preschool. We believe that parents play a vital role in their child’s education by being involved. We realise that parents are pushed for time due to work and other commitments, but every small contribution or act of involvement is appreciated and contributes to providing a better learning facility for our children. Being involved can be both fun (you get to meet other parents) and informative as you stay in touch with what is happening at the preschool.


Our Governing Body consists of the Principal and elected parents and members of staff, and governs the management of our preschool. The Governing Body functions as the “head” of our preschool, being responsible for all policies, planning, finance, administering the school’s property, buildings and grounds, and making recommendations regarding staff appointments.


Our Parent Sub Committees function as the ‘hands’ of our preschool, and consist of parents who have volunteered to get involved in our preschool's many projects and events. Some are involved more actively than others, as commitments allow, and any offers of help are appreciated by the preschool.  In our parents’ experience this is a great way to get to meet and know other parents and staff, while working together for our children.


Our main areas of focus are as follows:


  • Building maintenance
  • Outdoor maintenance
  • Fundraising and Marketing
  • Outreach