montessori in the home

  • Treat children with respect and understanding – a child’s ideas are worthy of consideration and the child should be secure in knowing that they are heard and understood.
  • Implement a framework of sensible rules and limits that are enforced fairly and consistently and always try to give a simple, uncomplicated reasons for the enforcement of those limits.
  • Create an orderly environment with regular routines and healthy eating and sleep patterns.
  • Whenever you able to ensure that the child's surroundings are geared to his size: place cupboard handles, shelves, pictures, etc. in his room at an appropriate height. 
  • Books, toys and other activities should have a proper home to which the child should return them after use.
  • Please follow through with the agreements made with the Directress in the child’s review and communicate with the Directress any new interests your child develops that can facilitate her 1-to-1 lessons or presentations.
  • Provide a box/step in the bathroom to allow access to the basin, towel etc.
  • Allow your child to play an active role in your family: share hobbies and chores, and help them to take responsibility for animals and plants.
  • Restrict the amount of screen time and instead encourage natural interaction and wonder.