Honeycomb History

Honeycomb Montessori Preschool was founded by parents in 1983. Starting off in a garage, it grew steadily and has been on its present site since 1985. The building and garden were custom-designed for the purpose of Montessori education for children between the ages of three and six. In 1996 we added the Honeypot with its own outside environment as an entry class for children between the ages of 18 months and three years. In 2019 we opened our second Honeypot class so we can now accommodate 30 younger children.These children move on to the “main school” when they are developmentally ready. 

Since inception the preschool has been parent-run.  Although the general running of the preschool is in the hands of the Principal and staff, our Governing Body is chosen from and ratified by the parents at each AGM, with parents also taking a role in the various events and sub committees.  

This unique structure gives the preschool a family feel and adds immeasurably to the ethos of the preschool.