frequently asked questions


With the Montessori focus on individual learning, are the children encouraged to share?

When a child is completely focussed on a task, we protect their concentration from being interrupted. But children may choose to share from choice. Cooperation is is integral to our entire, which frequently includes group activity.


Does Montessori education include religion?

We respect all religions and celebrate at least one festival a year from each of the cultures represented within the school.


What is the difference between Montessori preschool and Waldorf kindergarten?

Waldorf teachers believe that the body of the child should be strengthened before the intellect.  They guide the child’s development and will through group storytelling, movement, craft and fantasy as a sound foundation for the “thinking force” which arrives between six-seven years of age.

Montessori education prepares a reality-based environment which encourages practical skills, order, open-ended creative pursuits and development as per the individual.  Imagination is fostered as “a force for the discovery of truth”. Maria Montessori observed that children of preschool age have an effortless capacity to “absorb” language, early maths and the natural world. As the child shows this capacity,it is fed.


How do Montessori children adjust to mainstream primary school?

Montessori education is grounded in child normalisation and self-assurance, which is necessary for healthy social interaction in life; and helps adaptation into a Primary school. At around five to six years of age most children are naturally drawn more fully into participating in social activity. These older children enjoy getting involved in small group projects and activities. Having worked extensively in the three-dimensional, they now utilise their growing cognitive skills more frequently on pencil and paper. All our children going on to traditional schools are helped to make the transition from our open, homely environment into the more formal schooling environment by playing "school school" while they are still at Honeycomb. This game gently introduces the children to the concept of doing what the teacher asks,in the time frame that is given and helps young children to understand what is required by conformity.